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My name is Lynne Sturtevant. I'm an author, a speaker, an entrepreneur and a travel pro.

When I was 12 years old I traveled from rural Ohio to Manila, a city more exotic and exhilarating than I could have possibly imagined. I had found my passion. I knew I would do whatever it took to keep exploring the world. 

I've traveled alone, with friends, family, work colleagues and complete strangers. Not every journey has been wonderful, but they've all been interesting. For me, nothing is more exciting than planning my next adventure. One thing does come close, however. A good story.  

I'm fascinated by fairy tales, folklore, superstitions, urban legends and reports of paranormal activity. I love searching for the ancient story fragments that swirl just below the surface of our everyday lives. And I want to know how creativity, intuition and synchronicity shape our perception of the world. 

This is my base camp for exploring it all!