Create tours, programs and events people love.

Are local history and heritage tourism dying? If you work in a historic house, at a small museum or are trying to convince travelers to visit your town’s beautifully restored Main Street, it sure feels like it sometimes. But it’s not the past people are turning their backs on. The problem is the presentation. 

The traditional ways of presenting historical material – recitations of obscure facts, dull show and tell type demonstrations, behind the velvet rope tours – no longer work. People want deeper, more relevant and more interesting tourism experiences. And they are willing to pay for them.

Being aware of this desire is one thing. Knowing how to correct course is a different matter.

That is why I founded The History Biz.

I will show you how to design, promote and operate tours, programs and events that people truly enjoy and are happy to pay for - even if it's your first time.

The online courses, ebooks and articles are specifically designed to address the issues we face in local history and tourism.

  •          How to come up with appealing tour and program concepts
  •          How to balance the presentation of factual information with entertaining elements
  •         The logistics of setting up tours and events
  •         The effective use of volunteers
  •          How to use traditional and new media to reach your target audience
  •          How much to charge
  •          And much more

I'll show you how to do it while keeping the board, accounting department and various other upper management folks happy.

The material is based on what I’ve learned in the trenches creating and running successful - and some not so successful – tours and events over the past several years.

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